Tuesday, June 27, 2006

As intended, another weekly update of RPG-illustrated!

Fantasy has increased by one heroes-of-might-and-magic-inspired necromancer

Magical history has recived anoter few faces. I have been playing some 1930-london, and the faces from last week in this section is also from that game. There is no big background or anything, these illustrations are faces to meet and remember in the game. Some has a slightly humoristic touch; a nervous snob, a modern old lady, a diva, an artist, and a chief of police

Supernatural present only has two new vampire faces, a ravnos and a classical disgusting nosferatu.

In Other Worlds I added a sandmanlike dreamworld/reality picture

Fantastic future has a new cyber-solidier (That I was particularly content with), and a blue blade-runner like character

Next weeks publishings is allready in process! Dont hesitate to propose themes for new illuatrations.

Monday, June 19, 2006

New images at roleplaying illustrated

Fantasy: a castle, an elf magician, an elf archer and two medeval kind of nuns
Magical history: a dusty cowboy, a captain, and three 1930 characters; two sisters that dedicates themselves to spiritism and one modern, smart lady
Supernatural present with: a werewolf, an anarch, a pair of bastet and a nephandie

The images for free non-commercial use at this site is now up to 104!

Since I got the definate page up and running it the beginning of june I have updated it last week aswell with 15 or so new images. It is my intention to keep updating it with 10 or so images a week. It might be a bit ambitious, but for the moment it is working.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Future exhibition

I'll tell about this in detail some other day. Here are some pictures to look at! More are comming up at the same site!

New Blog!

This little space on the web is (almost) all about my illustrations and artwork. You can link your way to pages and publications, subscribe to this blog that will mainly be updated every time I put out new images on the web, or just drop by and have a look.

I became determined to dedicate myself to making pictures when I was 17, before that I always thaught I was to bury myself in academical studies (perhaps more due to expectations from those around me than to a ver concious choice on my behalf). Anyway, the reason why I rethought and decided on making pictures, something I always enjoyed, was a very nice man named Svein Erik who was my teacher of arts for a year. (I haven't got'n around to write him and thank him yet. I must, one of these days.)

Because I found it very hard to see the difference between much of the modern art and plain bullshit, I decided some modern art academy was not for me. I decided to try learning the technical side of things and see if I matured into some deeper understanding of art later, maybe come back to the modern arts then. I still haven't, but if I have the time for it I start part-time studies at the university of Oslo this autumn. I will start a bachellor in estetics. Maybe this will give me a new aproach.

Anyway, after videregaaende (highschool) I moved to Barcelona and did 4 years on an academy for comics and illustration. My style wasn't typical for comics, nevertheless I felt very much at home there. I have even published some short-story comics in 2005 in the norwegian monthly magazine Nemi. Since I acchieved my title in Barcelona, I lived there for another year. I had a ver poorly paid job "drawing" portraits for a firm dedicated to that (it was mostly putting a few touches to machine-produced pictures that was sold as authentic) I moved home to Norway to start working as an illustrator here.

For the last year and a half I have made a living as an autonomous illustrator, also publishing some comics. It is what I wanted, and I enjoy the work. However, I do not want to spend all my drawing time on illustrations and drawings made with the needs of the editors in mind.

I have just published a web-page called roleplaying illustrated that are full of illustrations I made just because I wanted to. I also hope this page and the communication with those who use it can teach me more about this enormous world of imagined pictures that roleplayers (and those who read fantasy ficcions) share.

have a look!

I am also trying to participate in an exhibition in France with a different kind of pictures. More about that later.

This was an intro to who I am and what I'm doing here. I hope you'll come around to look at pictures, comment on them or explain me about the higher arts sometime.